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Bride-To-Not-Be Thanks to the Coronavirus Crisis

Entry Date: March 18, 2020

Where do i even begin? I guess let me start by mentioning that this is not going to be one of my typical posts. This one has a different tone and is more of a journal entry to help me relieve some of my pain through writing. However, by the end of it, I hope that there will be an empowering message to us all dealing with any struggling times because of this virus.

What’s my struggle? Well, I was supposed to get married to my best friend 10 days from now. We’ve been counting down the days to our wedding for months and the month is finally here… but so is Coronavirus.

I can’t even begin to explain how many emotions I have gone through these past few weeks trying to figure this all out. If you’re one of my readers, you know I’m honest. So I’m going to be honest and say, these quotes throughout today’s journal are not just for you. They’re for me also. But let’s read them for each other as they could help us all in this stressing worldwide situation.

The Eye-Opener

To be honest, my head has been spinning. Everything has been happening so fast with the Coronavirus that it’s causing things to change by the hour! Only a few weeks ago, we were counting down happily to the day we would walk down the alter and say our “I Do’s.”

I live in Houston, TX, where nothing had escalated our way until last week when our massive Rodeo cancelled. Yes, things were getting worse in the states but it was primarily affecting California, Washington and New York. Texas was not yet a high-risk location nor was there any evidence of COVID-19 community spread.

Or so we thought.

Apparently, there had been a group of individuals who had returned from a cruise and caught the virus. Most were self-quarantined with others did not experience any of the symptoms so they thought they were safe. One of these individuals visited our Houston Rodeo which has over 200,000 visitors per day over this month long event. He was later diagnosed with the virus.

Upon finding out this information, the city took prompt action and shut the Rodeo down, hoping to contain possible community spread. It was devastating to the entire city as this event has never been shut down before.

This was also the day we got our marriage license. To celebrate, our plan was to go to the Kane Brown concert at the Houston Rodeo that night! So talk about being bummed.

But this was the first real big eye-opener to what was yet to come. And that’s when it hit. This was getting real and things were changing – FAST!

It was then that we started to realize that our wedding could be impacted as it was only three weeks away. This was Day One of the next days to come.

Sentimental Bride-to-Not-Be

Let me tell you. These have been the most stressful weeks of my life. I swear I feel like I lost a few years of life. That’s how bad this has been. I’ve kept the Coronavirus live updates on refresh mode and followed it every hour. Can you blame me? I was terrified!

Want to know what it’s like to be a bride during Coronavirus?

It’s hurtful.




And the list goes on and on.

We have been planning for this day for monthss. We have looked forward to this day for yearss. And finally, it was SO CLOSE! We were counting down the days because we were that close, only a few days away from our big day. And then just like the flick of a light switch… we began dreading for the day to come, because we didn’t know what was going to happen.

Day Two

We had 150 invited guests. The CDC recommendation was events over 200 to cease. We said we’re still okay, and moved on.

Day Three & Four

As more announcements came about, more cases and more restrictions, we were forced to begin considering alternative options. Options that we never planned for nor had ever crossed our minds.

We had to begin weighing the pros and cons on continuing to have our wedding on March 28, 2020 as planned. First, we had to revisit our guest list to see who fell under the at-risk category, who was traveling and from where. We even had to go through all our vendor contracts to see what our cancellation and reschedule policies were.

And from the looks of it, it wasn’t good. Many of our honor guests fell in the at-risk category with a few traveling from high risk cities. We did not have the option to cancel our vendors without losing our money, so our only option was to reschedule. And we needed to decide soon.

Day 5

A county nearby then mandated events of 200+ people to shut down, including weddings. They recommended any events smaller this to still heavily consider postponing or cancelling so we got terrified. We were a few days closer and things were definitely not getting better.

After lots of thought, we decided to proceed with the wedding plans and play it by ear. Despite everything, we were in the mindset that we would only cancel if we were forced. We would simply advise our at-risk guests to not come and inform the remaining guests of the precautions our vendors were taking. Or at least this was our thought for the day.

Day 6

Things were still getting worse by the hour. And watching the news and refreshing the updates did not make me feel any better. This day, I spend hours on the phone speaking with all of my vendors and discussing worse case scenarios. Most of our vendors were still on board and okay to proceed as usual and this is how we left it with them.

However, deep inside I was confused and had no idea on what to really do. I really didn’t want to postpone as I was already ready to marry my best friend! I kept telling myself I didn’t care who came and who was around, that us getting married was the only thing that was important. But that was a lie. I did care, I cared a lot.

And finally, I had my breakdown moment. I had been trying really hard to stay strong this whole time and keep most of my tears inside. But this day, I had had enough and my tears forced themselves out. I must of cried for hours as my eyes were swollen by the end of the day. I was lost and confused, still unsure on what to do. All I could do was pray.

I took my feelings to a Bride Facebook group as I had noticed there were many many more brides out there experiencing the same as me. We build a little community via post threads and comments to try to help each other decide what to do.

But the truth is, even though us brides were all facing the same issue, we still couldn’t help each other decide. All our situations are different so in a way we were still alone, but at the very least we were supportive of one another. So even though they couldn’t make my decision for me, I am still extremely grateful for all the brides in this group. ♥

By the end of the day, we knew where this was heading. But we still had a choice. Although we had a choice, we knew what we needed to do.

We knew we couldn’t risk being the cause or reason a dear beloved got sick. We also knew it wouldn’t be the best day of our lives given all the circumstances. So it was with extremely heavy hearts that we decided to do what was best for ourselves, our son, our loved ones and our community.

Day 7

By day 7, I was depressed. Truly and honestly, this is how I felt. Things were changing even more rapidly. Recommendations were becoming urges and then urges were becoming mandates.

We had made our decision and now it was time to act on it. Once again, I spent hours on the phone with all my vendors, trying to find availability dates that coordinated with them all.

This in itself was stressful. More stressful than the first time around because in that case, we could have moved onto the next vendor if not available on our date. But in this situation, we had a signed contract and not following through meant missing out on thousands of dollars.

And to top it off, my venue’s initial reply was that they were completely booked through the end of the year! Talk about devastation!

But we waited it out a few hours. We waited for the confirmed availability dates to come in so we could make the ultimate decision. And then finally, what seemed to be taking a turn for the worse, it all came together. ♥

Our venue had a few cancellations meaning they had some open slots for the year. The rest of my vendors were also pretty booked but somehow, there was literally ONLY ONE date that they ALL aligned with.

Call it coincidence. But I call it fate. My plan was apparently not God’s plan and I had to accept that.

Blessing in Disguise

God has a plan. And we may not know what that plan is or why it is but we must remember to never lose our faith.

We went from all that pain and suffering wondering if and when we were going to get married, to finally feeling a sense of relief. I’m not saying I’m not sad, because I am. I now have to wait another eight months to marry the man of my dreams. But at least now I know that on this day, I will be happy.

There is always a reason behind everything that happens. It’s time to look at the bright side of this and remain strong.

So if you’re a bride in my same shoes or anyone experiencing a moment of disbelief and suffering, jot down the change and all the positives that will happen as a result of this new change. It will help bring some new light to shine in through the darkness we are feeling.

Here’s mine:

Even though we had to postpone our wedding two weeks prior to a date eight months down the road…

  • All my friends and family will now be in attendance to celebrate this special day with us
  • We will not have the worry of putting our loved ones at risk to this illness
  • We will be relaxed in the days leading up to the wedding, because right now we surely are not
  • Since we were so close, mostly everything for our wedding is already done so not much left to do
  • We have more time to practice and improve our wedding dance
  • We can still get back to our normal lives before the wedding planning started
  • There were no cancellation or rescheduling fees and thankfully they were all available so no money was lost

Yes, it sucks that we’re going through this, like really really sucks. So have your breakdown moment, cry it out and then put yourself back together again. Remember to stay strong, stay positive and know that things will get better from here.

And if you’re in need of a little something to brighten your day, this Miss to Mrs Bridal Box subscription has really helped remind me how to feel like a true Bride-To-Be again. ♥ Click here for more details and use my code to get 30% off your first box! CODE: BOX30

Now we are looking forward to our new wedding date, eight months later: November 21, 2020

We Will Get Through This

And my dear friends, this is one of those cases where we need to accept that we cannot change what is going on. But we can accept it and find a way to get ourselves through it. Thank you for reading my experience and for giving me a place to rant and vent. If you are also facing a similar situation, remember to stay positive and remain strong. You got this!

How has the Coronavirus affected you? How are you getting by these days with us all being stuck at home? Share your thoughts or comments below as I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Corinne

    Oh no, sorry to hear you have to postpone your wedding. I know you’ve been planning it for a long time and you’ve worked so hard on it (I’ve been seeing your posts about it), and now this. I can’t even imagine how gutted you must be right now. On a lighter note, you’re not sick and you will live to see your wedding day in 8 months. Look after yourself and stay safe.

  • Mariah Rickard

    My heart hurts so much for you! I’m recently engaged and trying to plan my wedding in the midst of all this has been so hard. I can’t imagine it all having to change after waiting so long, I’m so sorry!

    • cheerstolife

      Yes, it sucked but now most of my planning is pretty much complete. For you, I recommend you try to get your missing vendors booked as soon as possible as many of us March-April-May brides are postponing and filling up some of the available slots. Best of luck to you!

  • Bella Tolentino

    Lucy, I’m so sorry that your wedding got postponed. I had a close friend who was supposed to get married at the end of March but had to cancel. We did end up having a zoom wedding online which was pretty amazing. All of the family members and the bride and groom party attended. It wasn’t the wedding that she hoped for but she, also like you are trying to see the goodness in all of this. Thank you for sharing your heart through this blog post!♥️


    I’m so sorry to hear that your wedding has been post-poned. I am a wedding photographer and this has been devastating to our industry. I have been dealing with so many postponements along with cancelations. Hang in there and your wedding will be even more beautiful in a few months from now when you can once again hug all your loved guests. I know this is tough, we will all come out of this stronger together <3

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